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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I hate it when he is right…

It’s hard to accept sometimes when he tells me something that I know is true, but I really want to deny that truth.

About 2 weeks ago I purchased a single cantaloupe.  They were on sale two for a price, but I resisted and only bought one because I know 1)cantaloupe is a SUMMER fruit, and my calendar reminds me that summer is still a decent ways off, and 2) I have been down this road before, but obviously NOT learned my lesson.


The choices of fruit were all EXTREMELY green with absolutely NO smell to them.  But I had hope that with a few days of sitting on the kitchen window sill I would have a beautifully ripe, fragrant, sweet cantaloupe to eat.  My mouth watered just thinking about a lusciously ripe melon.

When I got home, DH made this statement, or something to this effect…  “You know you are wasting your money throwing money to the cantaloupe gods this early in the season.  You know it will rot before it ripens.”  But yet I had hope that by now I would be enjoying the summer fruit even though summer is not here.

The melon was placed in a sunny spot on the window sill and I kept a close watch.  It has been about 1 1/2 weeks now, and the dark green melon has only slightly turned tan, and it has absolutely NO melon smell at all.  I flipped it over and…





I hate it when he is right and I have to face the fact that I have    once again denied the characteristics of seasonal fruit!

Perhaps the possums and coons will enjoy my folly… the melon got tossed over the back fence.  I hope you cantaloupe gods are happy now!



  1. I purchased a pineapple yesterday that was green. I hope that it ripens because my taste buds are ready. Did I tempt the summer fruit gods, too?

  2. Don't give up...every now and then when the moon is full, the fresh fruit gods are good.....and well, if not, you'll be feeding the hungry (again) that live beyond the back fence. Funny story...I hate it too, especially when they gloat about their rightness.


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