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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Shaved My Legs For THIS?

Clearly, according to the pictures, I did NOT shave my legs for this photo op, but I did THINK about doing it and then decided I had better things to do with my time today… like writing this post.

These are my 12 in 12 socks for March.  That means I have set a goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks in 12 months.  They were actually started in December, but since this is my first try at knitting cables progress was very slow in the beginning.103_0437

I know… these are really poor pictures, but have you ever tried to take a picture of your own feet?  It’s not easy!  The yarn is “Shimmer” fingerling from KnitPicks.  I love it!  Soft, easy to knit, no splitting, and then there is the “bling” effect with the sparkly fibers…. great stuff!  Click to zoom in, if you wish.


The pattern, “Cabley Goodness” socks, a freebie from Ravelry.  I chose this pattern because it only has 2 cables, one on each side.  That was a good way to begin, and now I would feel more confident in attempting something with many cables around the sock.   The directions are for “top down” but I started at the toes and worked up.  That allows me to try it on as I go and be sure it will fit.


The color is all wrong in this photo, but you can see the cables better.  The color really is a dark cranberry, not rose.

My knitting methods keep evolving.   I abandoned the traditional heel method for Cat Bordhi’s method of knitting the complete foot/heel, then splitting it open to form the leg of the sock.  I’ve decided I get a much better fit using the traditional method of heel gussets, etc.  (Although I have a very large foot, I also have a very thin heel, which makes fit a challenge.)  I still have some “issues” to work out with this method, but they do fit my heel better.  Just ignore those little “holes” where the heel gusset meets the rest of the sock.  I promise you the second sock did better.


I chose to KEEP Cat’s cast-on method… really neat!  I also still used her bind-off method, a very stretchy bind-off for the top of the cuff.

Pair #3 for this year… CHECK!

Pair #4 is over half-done.  Now, I need to slack off on knitting and get back to quilting.



  1. Beautiful socks AND cables!

    I don't have the patience or desire to knit fancy socks - all of mine are plain Jane, but they keep my feet warm and dry. ;oD

  2. I like these Kat....job well knitted! You'll only wear these with your new pants to show off that beautiful cable?


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