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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ah…. Spring!

Yes, today actually feels more like summer with temps in the upper 80s.  BUT, we really have been enjoying our warmer weather.  It is so easy to forget…103_0426

…How wonderful fresh-cut grass smells!  I think DH only cut the yard twice last year due to the drought so I really had forgotten how pleasant that smells.


… How nice it is to have flowers planted by the front steps.  I now have 2 planters filled with impatiens.  That is about the only flowering thing that will grow in the deep shade at the front of the house.


… How much fun it is to go kayaking and fishing!  We kept 37 small bass and probably threw back that many more.  Understand, these are around 10 – 12” long, except for the one big one in the middle that DH caught.  It weighed 2.5 lbs.  But little ones are really the best eating size!


… How lazy a certain dog can be when the weather is hot.  ‘Nuff said!

I hope you are enjoying spring where YOU live, also!

I know… I promised an update on the Farmer’s Wife quilt.  I still just have the 40 blocks I had at the last update.  I have not had time to sew a single block in several weeks, but I am hoping to get a little sewing time this week.  If so, I’ll post some pics. 

Have a blessed week, and I promise to try and post more often.  And thanks for reading, even though I have not been a faithful blogger… I really will try and improve!



  1. Ah, yes Spring is arriving a bit more here every day: temps are in flux (70s one day and 50s the next); calm in the morning, and howling winds in the afternoon.

    My yard has been cleaned, and all the remnants of fall and winter have been hauled away. The grass is slowly starting to green and the trees are budding.

  2. it was 88 here today! Hot! We need to mow again, also. Last summer we only mowed ONCE!


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