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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Organization Tips

Teresa has posted part 3 of her organization tips.  This time we are dealing with organizing our UFOs.

Yes, I just happen to have one or two  several of those lying around.  For the most part they are semi-organized, but they are NOT where I can get to them easily should the urge to work on one arise… not that I am really thrilled about completing those 2 Stack ‘N Whack single-bed quilts I started to go in the Airstream, which we no longer own.  I could always give them away…

And before you ask, I have NOT made any progress on organizing the office.  My excuse is Easter festivities.  BUT this very week I do plan on spending some time in there and getting rid of some shtuff!

I’m really in need of the next posting… organizing tools and gadgets.  I wish I knew where all of my wonderful gadgets where, and how to find them quickly when needed!  I hope she solves my dilemma.

Happy quilting!



  1. So many shtuffs, so little time... lol

  2. That Teresa can really do some organization, can't she? Wish she'd come to MY house & do it--- and then move it all to the grocery store becoming a quilting salon for me- & keep it organized all the while! Dream on!


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