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Monday, June 15, 2009

Alaskan Fabric (and other treasures)

Here is a little more information about the wonderful fabrics I found in Skagway, AK. Our first stop was a wonderful little shop that was about half yarns and needlework and the other half quilting fabric and kits. It was called Changing Threads. The first great thing I found was the fabric that looks like Northern lights. Two of these are "Celestial" by P&B Textiles. On the other one, the selvage says, Timeless Treasures, but I did not get enough of the selvage to identify the fabric line. The lighter fabric (shown below) is a Hoffman fabric called "Glacier Lights" by McKenna Ryan.

The second shop (and right next door to Changing Threads) was called Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska. I found some wonderful batik fabric (see above) featuring trees, bear, moose, etc. And the best thing.... they were on sale!! Five gorgeous pieces of this fabric came home with me.

At the same shop I also found: quilter's emory boards. I got several different patterns of these... they will make great gifts. I also got a tiny can of "Alaska Winter Salve" which is made in Anchorage by Denali Dreams. I have terribly dry skin due to sun damage (while fishing) and this will be small enough to carry in my purse. Some of the ingredients are lemongrass, lavender, and sage. IT SMELLS WONDERFUL!

At an Anchorage market I found antler buttons made by Robert and Cheryl Clark . These are polished on one side to a nice sheen. I don't know yet exactly what I will do with them but they will probably be used in a small wall quilt.

So that is all the "quilty stuff" that I brought home from Alaska. Now to go get this washed and dried so it will be ready when inspiration hits!


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  1. Love all your goodies, especially the buttons and batik. You are still enjoying your trip, aren't you?


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