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Saturday, June 27, 2009

And We're Off... Again!

Just as soon as I get home from church tomorrow and finish lunch we will be jumping in the RV and heading toward Houston, TX. BECAUSE... I will be taking 2 days of classes with national quilt teacher Jamie Wallen! I am so looking forward to this... the class agenda is mostly "artsy" things that you can do on the longarm, and some fabric painting, too. Classes are being held at Karen O's studio in Bacliff, TX. It will be nice to meet her in person. She has a really neat blog, so do be sure and check it out if you are not already one of her regular readers.

I'll take lots of pictures to post here. I know you all will want to see what kind of things we create.

And then we plan on spending an extra day at Galveston. We have not been down that way since the hurricane last year, so I will be looking to see how many of our favorite spots are still there. Of course I will have to take a dip in the gulf to cool off... I feel so like a kid again when I go in the water there.

So now for some R&R, good classes, great food, and new friends!
Be blessed!



  1. Take care and have a great time! Be sure and take lots of pictures!

  2. Have fun and have a safe trip. I look forward to see some of your new quilting tricks. Lots of pictures to upload....do I already hear a groan...


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