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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Helpers at the Farm

Today we are blessed with some very good help on the farm. My Katie-Bug is spending the weekend with us, and she really enjoys the farm life. She and DH have spent an hour or so out picking from God's provision. I think she believes this is as much fun as hunting for Easter eggs.

She loves to hide in the vines. She calls this her "club house".

So what did they get this morning? Lots of good stuff for supper this evening! Rattlesnake beans (the purple stripes disappear when cooked and they look like regular green beans), cucumbers, grape tomatoes (which are HUGE right now since they are the first ones to get ripe), and some beets (the last of that crop). There in the yard they also picked from the mulberry tree. It seems to have gotten its second wind with that nice rain we had a couple of days ago, and is producing a few more berries for us. Now the 2 of them have gone to the woods on the 4-wheeler to pick huckleberries and blackberries. I think a cobbler for dessert will be on our table tonight.

Plans for later today: cooking (of course... time to don that apron she made a few months ago), beading (I have some new beads that will make very cute bracelets for her) and some sewing (we don't know what, but we will sew something).

Besides Katelyn, we also have one OTHER new helper on the farm. The new addition to our family is called PJ. (DH wanted to name it Paula after the person that gave her to us, but I would not let him... that makes it too confusing to know if he is talking about Paula the dog, or Paula my friend whenever the name is mentioned.) Poor PJ was abandoned by her family and Paula rescued her, then started looking for a good home. We think perhaps she is part Jack Russell, but who knows?

She is a very sweet natured dog, loves to run behind the tractor and 4-wheeler, and would LOVE to play with my cats. Unfortunately, they (the cats) do not feel the same way about her. They are letting her know that she in on THEIR turf, but are some what more tolerant of her today than they were when she first arrived.

I think one thing our recent travels helped me to remember: I am a country girl at heart! I loved visiting the big city of Vancouver, BC and touring on the trolley, but I am so thankful I don't live (and have to drive) in a big city, or ANY size town for that matter. Living down a narrow dirt road has a few disadvantages, but the positive things FAR outweight the negative!

Have a blessed day today and "bloom where you are planted". Enjoy God's bountiful provision, even if you have to visit a grocery store to get it... He made those fruits and veggies, too!



  1. You do have good helpers. PJ looks like she will be a nice addition to your family. Do you know how old she is?

  2. After a closer reading, I saw the Jack Russell part. We were told that Molly was part Jack Russell..... Oh, well.

  3. What a beautiful helper. I'll be right over to get some of those very fresh veggies.


    PS. the calendar picture is wonderful congrats.

  4. We have zuchinni and crook necked squash growing in our little garden, and we did have some sugar snap peas. The cucumbers didn't grow. I don't know what the secret to those are. The tomatoes are finally looking like they'll make it, and I'm hoping for a lot of brussels sprouts in the fall! A few carrots might also be hitting my table before too much longer. I love going out to see what surprises await me each day!

    Your young farmer is a cutie, and I love the new dog too! Looks like she might be part doxie. Congratulations on having a quilt in the calendar!


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