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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They're Stuck in My Camera, Again!

Yep... the pictures I took to go with about my next 3 posts are stuck in my camera, again. So the posts about the Alaskan fabric I bought, the squash relish, and the bread and butter pickles will have to wait until I can get the photos onto my computer.

I so admire those that shoot photos and right away load them onto the computer. There they sit, ready for blog inspiration to hit, the click of a mouse button, and then they are added to a post.

Not me... I just can't operate that way. Probably because my camera is STILL filled with about 300 pictures from Alaska. I have already loaded them onto the computer but I don't want to delete them until I have time make a CD of the photos and be sure everything is safe and secure.

So then I take blog photos, and when I load them on my computer it takes longer, yada, yada, yada... You really don't want to hear all my excuses, do you? The facts are that I just LOVE WRITING, but DON'T like dealing with the photos.

Never fear... my blog will not become photo-less. That would be pretty boring! But this thought of writing without being expected to include photos has me thinking about possibly starting another blog (Like I really NEED to try and keep up with 2 of them???). The 2nd blog would mostly be posts without pictures, spur of the moment things. I'm thinking that a "thankfulness" blog would be neat... a space I could do a quick journal entry at the end of the day listing what has blessed me that day. I would really enjoy that and would not have the "dealing with the camera" dread hanging over my head.

I'll have to ponder that idea some more... after I finish the quilt I am working on, do housework because company is coming this weekend for a family reunion (Under pressure I can clean like the "white tornado"...remember the old Mr. Clean commercials?), figure out supper for tonight, etc.

Time for a second blog? Of COURSE I have time... it just means the pile of housework will be deeper the next time we have company coming. No biggie.... TURN THAT WHITE TORNADO LOOSE!


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