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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're Home!

Actually, we've BEEN home for several days, but I am so busy catching up on other things I have not had time to post. I have been trying to catch up on blog reading a little at a time, but still have lots of reading to do before I find out everything that has been happening in your lives while I was gone.

No time to post photos today, but hopefully I have some really AWESOME photos of animals, glaciers, and many other things. The scenery was magnificent! Alaska is such a rugged yet beautiful and serene place (most of it... the towns are CRAZY with activity with the invasion of 3-4 cruise ships/day.). We had a wonderful trip in all aspects. This was my first time to fly and I really did enjoy it, but not something I would want to do very often.

I guess I'm still just an RV kinda' person... give me my own bed, surrounded by my own things, tooling along where we can stop on a whim, and not be at the mercy of restaraunts for food... that's my idea of a great trip!

So... what did I buy? A visit to 2 quilt shops in Skagway added some "Northern Lights" looking fabric to my stash (3 different color-ways!). I also found a great sale on some really neat moose, bear, and tree batiks, so those were added, as well as a really neat gray-sky background fabric that goes well with it all. Not sure exactly how I will make it, but this will be a trip-memory wall quilt. I took photos of a neat looking mariner's compass design on the carpet in the ship... so that might be an idea for the pattern... we will see. I also found some really neat antler buttons at a market in Anchorage. These will also be used on the memory quilt.

This week we are back to reality... housework, laundry, quilts pouring in the door, and vegetables from the garden to be dealt with. Today I have canned 9 pints of squash pickle relish. It is really intended for yellow squash, but we have so many zucchini right now I used about half squash and half zucchini in it. YUM! It is one of my most-favorite things we can. I'll try to get some pictures and post a recipe later this week.

Now back to work... church tonight so I will have to hurry and get supper fixed and see what else I can accomplish by 6pm.



  1. Welcome back!!!!! I have visited Alaska as well (Fairbanks) and agree it truly is a beautiful state. I was there in the spring (June) as well when there is 23 hours (I think)of daylight which made the flowers awesome! Traveling is nice, but boy is it great to return back home!


  2. Kat and David we are so happy to have you home!
    Thankful you two had a good time.
    Can't wait to see your photos.


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