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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What kind of blog is this????

I know... it is SUPPOSED to be a QUILTING blog. You sure could not tell that from the posts lately! Perhaps I need to change it to a RECIPE blog... I sure seem to be doing more cooking and canning than quilting, at least if you judge from the blog.

I really DID quilt today... actually I got 2 quilts quilted today. One was another American Hero quilt that will be sent to Washington State. The other was an OSU (Ok. State U.) quilt for a customer... really cute design. I worked VERY hard today so that tomorrow I could have some time off...

And then Paula called. It seems she had some frozen blueberries that were no longer frozen and didn't I want them, and if I don't take them they will just get thrown out, etc. (Can you say GUILT TRIP? Not that she intended it that way, but I just can't stand to think of ANYTHING going to waste!) We are not talking regular size packages here... we are talking HUMONGOUS!! And there are THREE of them. So guess what I'm doing tomorrow on my day "off"... HAHAHA!!! Is there any such thing??

Yep... blueberry jam for starters, and maybe some blueberry marmalade (this stuff is absolutely YUM!). So dig out the jars, lids, and rings, the sugar and pectin. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

I'll post recipes tomorrow... HMMM.... I guess I need to change this to "the Ponderings and Postings of a Quiltaholic AND RECIPE CLUB!"


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  1. I will live vacariously (spelling probably wrong) through you, since although I like to eat, I don't like to cook anymore (really I am not sure I ever liked to cook), so keep the pictures and commentary coming. BTW, I would read your blog even if it was just about cooking :-)! Have a great day!


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