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Friday, June 19, 2009

Special Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a special day... it is GHTDI Day. What is that, you may ask?

Gonna' Have To Do It Day... I'm GHTD the putting together of the Glorified 9-Patch Quilt rows. What a BUGGER that has turned out to be! I am really dreading it, but I am taking it to our guild Quilt 'Till You Wilt tomorrow, and hopefully I can have this done before I wilt! I have decided the only way to get this together is to hand-piece each intersection and then the in-between areas by machine. I have several people bringing quilts to me tomorrow to be quilted, so a good bit of my time will be spent taking in quilts.

And you are probably thinking, "Will she ever hush complaining about that quilt?"

I know... I ASKED for this... I thought it would be neat to do a pieced-curves quilt. And it does look wonderful in the 30s repro prints. Now that I am almost through with this I noticed that Quiltmaker Magazine has a pattern that is a very similar type of curved piecing with an extra square sewn in that terrible intersection, which eliminates all 12 pieces of fabric from needing to join at that one intersection... slick idea! Wish I had seen it earlier... I might could have done some altering to my pattern and solved a problem.

Anyway... hopefully tomorrow afternoon this bugger will be history, and I can move on to some fun project (like the Swanky jelly roll quilt I am planning for retreat). I am determined that I WILL have this done before I go to quilt retreat in Texas in mid-July. I do NOT want to haul this with me. Ironically, I started this G9P project at retreat last summer, so the piecing has taken a full year.

I know for a FACT that I do NOT plan on doing any more large quilts with curved piecing that comes together in the corners!!!!!!!!!!! Small ones, maybe, but no more large ones. (That means I will nix the idea of the Wheel of Mystery quilt that a friend did!).

I'll give a full report when I get home tomorrow, and I'm hoping the report will say, "DONE!"


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  1. Wow, you're brave! I bought a glorified 9 patch top from eBay a few years ago thinking I'd quilt it one of these days. I'm not sure I'd attempt to piece one myself!


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