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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


WHEW! I knew it was hot yesterday... you melt down if you even THINK about poking your head outside. Then I listened to the news late last night and discovered out temp yesterday was 104 degrees with about 90% humidity! Today is supposed to be the same... that gives us 3 days in a row with 100+ temps.... but this is just JUNE! Usually it is August before we have to deal with temps this high. UGGGG!

That is why I am so glad quilting is an INSIDE activity. DH spends a lot of time outside because he WANTS to. And I spend a lot of time inside because... well, because I WANT to! HAHA! When winter comes I remind myself that I am thankful God planted me in the South because I just can't stand the cold weather. So now that summer is here I have to keep reminding myself that same thing. Bloom where you are planted!!

Today will be very busy... a customer quilt to get done, and I MUST deal with some fresh veggies that are on a fast decline. We will have Zucchini Rice Italian Casserole for supper with a side-dish of fresh cream-style corn. I usually leave it on the cob because it is so much easier, but this is the last of our corn so we will enjoy it the old-fashioned way. My grandmother always made the BEST cream-style corn slow cooked in a large skillet with lots of butter and black pepper. YUM! I will try to recreate it today.

Have a blessed day in whatever YOU are doing today, and BE a blessing to someone, too.

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  1. I've tried to recreate my Grandmother's cream corn, but haven't been able to. Will you share your
    Grandmother's recipe?


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