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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1 – Advent Quilt Show

December 1 - Remember the saying, “Despise not small beginnings”… I began quilting in 1994. DH’s mom (Mrs. E.) was going to teach me to quilt but she passed away suddenly, so I took some of her quilt books home with me and began the great adventure called “quilting”. I am mostly self-taught, not being able to take any quilt classes until several years later.


My very first quilt was a Log Cabin, made for my mom and given to her Christmas of 1994. I had no stash, so I went to WalMart and picked out colors of fabric (unconcerned about fabric content) to give it the look I wanted. The lady cutting my fabric remarked, “I’ve never heard of anyone buying fabric for a log cabin… they always use their scraps.” (You’ve got to HAVE some to USE them!!)

It contains high loft poly batting… that is what one of Mrs. E’s quilting buddies told me to use. I used it for several quilts before someone else told me differently.

My mom LOVED this quilt! She showed it to everyone that walked in the house. Finally several years later I asked her, “Mom, PLEASE stop showing that to everyone.” She asked, “WHY?”


“Because those quilting stitches are TERRIBLE!” Her reply.... "I never noticed that!" Only a Mom would be able to see past very-wobbly-wonky stitches and love the quilt. This was my first try at hand quilting. It is SUPPOSED to be in the ditch, but as you can see it wobbles all over the place. And stitch length… let’s just say they are not “toenail hangers” but neither are they up to the standards I had set for myself a short time after actually figuring out how to do this.


This really is a very humble beginning, but it led me down this road that I enjoy so much! Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to do something that fills my heart with joy each day!!

Tomorrow… another VERY humble beginning.



  1. Pretty remarkable first quilt. And, it only gets better....can't wait for tomorrow.

  2. I love that!!! You are awesome and oh so talented. TYL!


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