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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I was SOOO thrilled when Marydon emailed to let me know that I had won a prize package from her blog.  I waited anxiously for it to arrive… I did not even know where it was coming from!

DH got the mail and said, “Who do we know in MARYLAND?”  AHA!!  Must be Marydon!!  Yep… you won’t believe the goodies she packed into this box!


WOW!  What a prize package!!  And the detective in me ( I HAVE been watching NCSI with DH… it rubs off!) thinks that perhaps Marydon has a thing about pooches… just thinkin’.


There was an adorable doggie pin cushion,


an oh-so-cute  Scottie dog Christmas plate (LOVE this!)


a really NEAT little Scottie dog wallet… it unfolds to have compartments for EVERYTHING you might need to carry,


the cutest tea cozy made from doggie fabric, and it is really, well… COZY!


Then she added something to put IN the teapot to put IN the cozy… raspberry tea and gourmet coffee.  (OK… I KNOW I can’t put the coffee in the teapot, but they fit well in the picture together… saving space, here!)

Thank you SO much, Marydon, for your wonderful gift box!!  And YOU ALL need to hurry over and visit her blog… you HAVE been there, right?  NO?  Well head over to HERE, The Blushing Rose.  You WON’T be disappointed!  I like reading what she posts on the side-bars as much as reading the blog posts!  I promise you will enjoy her.

So thanks again, Marydon!  I love my gifts and I so appreciate your generous give-aways!

TTFN!  (I’ve just finally figured out what that meant!!  Too much going on to take the time to research this before now.)

Have a wonderful day and a blessed and prosperous New Year!


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