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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec. 4 – Jennifer’s Best Friends



1996 – Made for my daughter Jennifer.  This pattern was called “Best Friends” and is from a very old Quiltmaker Magazine.  I loved it because there was very little applique to be done (At this point I HATED handwork!).


The dolls are all machine pieced… there were 2 Y-seams, but they were rather large angles and were fairly easy to do (my first time doing Y-seams).


While working on this quilt I found a local quilt group, the Cotton Country Quilters in Bastrop, LA.  I thought my work was coming along OK, but when I saw the quilting of these ladies I realized I needed to “kick it up a notch”.  I really worked on making smaller quilting stitches on this quilt, and the best step toward that was changing to a size 9 between needle for quilting.

I also purchased a 2-pole quilt frame so we no longer had to walk around the huge quilt frame in the living room… that was nice!

TOMORROW:  My first big (well, really, it’s not-so-big) venture into applique.



  1. Oh I like that quilt. And it looks familiar, I probably had the same magazine...I used to memorize the pages, used to, ha, I still do! I'm really enjoying your progressive quilt show.

  2. I love this quilt! The quilt show is fun...I look forward to each day's post. Thank you for sharing.


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