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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec. 18 – Angel Friends

“Angel Friends” –  1998 - 2006


I won these blocks at our guild 1998 Christmas party.  I LOVE them!  I did not put this together until 2006… they sat in my UFO pile for a LONG time waiting for me to return to them.


Several of the members have moved away or passed on, so that makes them even more special to me.


Everyone did their own interpretation of the angel pattern we were given, and that is what makes it so special! 


And now I have moved away… so it is a great source of fun memories of our quilt group.

This was my first try at curved crosshatching.  I started putting the reverse curves in there and decided it was too much, so I just left it with curves going one direction.


I love the star sashing… so easy to do, but it looks really pretty on this quilt.


Lesson leaerned:  Use a print lining when you will be doing thread color changes!  Se how the stars look incomplete on the back?  They are quilted on all sides, but the lighter thread does not show as well.  I know… you are thinking, “Big Deal”!  Little details like that bug me, so I try to learn from my mistakes.

TOMORROW’S TEASER:  Another friendship quilt!


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  1. I like this one! I like the pointsettia fabric you chose between the angels. And I see what you mean about thread on the back, it does make a difference, doesn't it? Still beautiful though...


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