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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec. 17 – Feathered Cotton Candy

SURPRISE!  I said I was doing something else today, but no time to take pictures and download them.  So here is the next quilt for the quilt show.  I promise to get a posting about my prize received in the mail soon, but I can’t tell you when.  I am down to the wire on quilting.  I had hoped to be finished by Friday, but that is not going to happen, so here you go…

“Feathered Cotton Candy” – 2005

(Click to enlarge pictures and see details)


My first wholecloth quilt.  It was made using fabric from WalMart, because I was just trying this wholecloth thing out… I really did not know if I would enjoy doing this.  That is a major regret.  It would not have cost but a few $ more to get quality batiste from the quilt show (although that did mean a 130 mile round trip).

Inspiration for this quilt came from the works of Karen McTavish… LOVE her stuff!!


I finally got the nerve to enter in a machine quilting show.  This quilt won 1st place in the wholecloth category at 2006 Festival of Machine Quilters in Plano, TX.  There were no $$$ involved but I was excited to get a ribbon somewhere other than a local show!!


All quilting motifs were commercial stencils, with a few modifications to make them fill spaces.  Batting was Hobbs 80/20.  That is also a regret… should have used the bleached batting.  Dark spots in the batting show through on the back side of this quilt.  Thread used was Bottom Line by Superior Threads.

I used a faux-trapunto on this quilt… no cut-away involved.  Two layers of batting and very tight background fillers give the look of regular trapunto (stuffed work), but it is not as time intensive.  Background fillers are my version of McTavishing and micro-stippling.


TOMORROW’S TEASER:Friendship quilts… I love them!  And I have several to share with you.



  1. Wow! This quilt is awesome. I love the wholecloth look... it really shows off the quilting!

  2. Kathy, your whole cloth quilt is beautiful...your quilting feathers are so good.


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