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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec. 8 – Millennium Friends


In 1999 all talk was about the coming Millennium. I signed up on a web site where we could contact quilters from other states and swap fabric. Each swap was for 25 - 2 1/2” squares and 1 signature square (a “squishy”, so-called because the package arriving in an envelope was very squishy). I received fabric from quilters in all 50 US states (I got 2 squishies from some states) and 10 foreign countries! Some of the quilters also enclosed letters telling about themselves. It was very interesting!


I took each squishy and arranged them from light to dark with the signature block in the bottom right corner. The blocks were sewn in alphabetical order by state or country. I ended up with 98 blocks… so many that I had to put some of them on the lining.100_2244

You should have heard my friends that helped me do some of the quilting complain when they were quilting through those extra layers! They very soon learned to feel underneath the quilt before they sat down at the frame, and if there was a block sewn onto the lining they refused to sit in that chair!


The hand-quilting was done on the diagonals of the blocks, and the border has a star and 2000 pattern quilted all the way around.


I am so thankful for labels… I would never remember all of this stuff!

TOMORROW’S TEASER: I jumped into applique in a BIG way with this next quilt! Just wait until you see it!!

Have a really blessed day!


PS: Only 5 more customer quilts to do!!! (And then one project of my own.)


  1. A true treasure! You have some smart friends ;) and good friends to help you quilt this.
    I am loving your quilt show. You have great quilts!

  2. Kathy,
    Your quilts are awesome! I know you don't mind that I am leaving another comment on your quilts, but your God given gift deserves recognition and comment!
    Love it, love it, love it! And you too my friend!

  3. What a good way to organize all of those squares! It is very effective.


  4. It's beautiful! What a great quilt.


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