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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec. 20 – Utility Quilts


“Mile A Minute” – 2007

This is a sort of “Crazy Quilt” technique, but no fancy stitching or special fabrics are involved.  The blocks were made totally from my scrap bag.  (I really made 2 quilts from my scraps… one king size and this full size, and both are still being used.)


This one has 12” blocks, and the king-size one has 9” blocks.  I finally figured out that if I would just make the blocks BIGGER I would not need to make so many.


The quilting pattern was “Chocolate Swirl Feather” by Kathi James.  This one resides on our guest bed.


The quilt above is an older quilt that was remade.  It is the very special utility quilt I was telling you about in the teaser.  You can read the entire story about this quilt HERE.  Mr. E. enjoyed using this quilt on his bed at home because it was originally made by his mom.


“Homespun 4-Patch” - 2006

When Mr. E. moved to the nursing center I made him this 4-patch to use on his bed.  I knew the other quilt would not hold up to the washing regimen of the nursing center.


Of course I labeled the quilt… actually I wrote directly on the lining so there was no worries about the label being removed or fading out.  I was not surprised when the workers in the laundry room added his name in larger letters on the back (see below).


But I WAS surprised when they also wrote on the FRONT of the quilt!!  Oh well… there will be no forgetting who this quilt belonged to!


We now have the quilt at our home.  It is one of the first ones I grab when needing a little extra cover because it is so soft after all the washing it has seen.

I must run… church, and then Jenn and the girls are coming over to do some Christmas goody baking… I have not done ANYTHING yet!!

TOMORROW’S TEASER:  I found myself in a very “thready” situation.  Now how’s THAT for a teaser?!

Be blessed!


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  1. Kat, you are a very special woman of God... I re-read the story of Mr. Ellzey's quilt and it was quite touching again the second time.
    The quilt you made for his bed in the nursing home was such a blessing... you bless all the people you are around and you are loved!
    Today, I am reminded of the beautiful quilt you donated for the fund raiser at our church that took us to our goals and how God multiplied it over and over again.
    And the solo you did this morning was beautiful and touching, it brought tears to my eyes and I'm sure many others.
    And the day you had planned for your family! Wow! What a blessing you are. All who know you and are around you are somehow touched and blessed by the hand of God. Thank you for being an instrument of love to all of us.


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