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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec. 13 – Light Through the Lattice


“Light Through the Lattice”, made 200? This is one of the quilts with no label, so my best guess is 2003, since it was quilted on my DSM, and not the longarm.

This quilt is made from MILES of 1” fabric strips. No, it is NOT strip pieced, which would have been easier, I think. The strips were sewn end to end, as if you were making a binding. Then the 2 ends were joined, going all the way down, so we have now made “2-sies”. Then the 2 ends were joined to make “4-sies”, etc. This technique is called “Mile-A-Minute” and was learned in a workshop taught by Carol Ann Wilburn of Little Rock, AR. When you have one big length of fabric, you starch the dickens out of it and cut it into squares (on the bias, mind you… that’s the reason for all the starch!)


Use contrast fabric for lattice. I kept the squares lined up as they were originally so you can see the fabric flow from one block to another.


I quilted a leafy vine in the lattice and a wood grain background fill.


The border is quilted with a Baptist Fan pattern, which you can barely see… very busy border fabric.


Lesson learned: this quilt is another one that suffers from wavy borders. UGH!

The technique was fun, so I used it on another quilt that is yet unquilted. Remember this one? Same technique, different approach.

TOMORROW’S TEASER: A whole new era of quilting opened up for me with one very important happening in 2004. Can you guess what it was? Answers tomorrow!


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